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Transform Your Business, Evolve Your Story

Marketing and Business Consulting for
Vision-Led Entrepreneurs
📍Los Angeles, CA

Feeling lost? Are you a small business owner currently in search of...

Personalized, Clear, and Effective Guidance?

If you're ready to step into the next chapter of your business with a clear action plan, a sense of relief, and a renewed sense of motivation — you're in the right place. 

Information is good, no — it's great. Too much information though? It can soon become overwhelming.

The reality is that as a new (or seasoned) entrepreneur, your time is already accounted for.


Therefore, with a jam-packed to-do list scrolling through dozens of articles, social media posts, and videos can very quickly become yet another never ending task.


In the meantime? Your ideas and business remain stagnant.


Hi, I'm Yasmin!

Brand and business consultant, certified small business instructor, and a small business owner — just like you.

My mission? To guide, support and most importantly to...

Provide you with real solutions and strategies that are specific to your business and your learning style, as the leader of your venture.

Over 20 Industries Serviced: Food & Drink, Fashion & Apparel, Hair & Beauty, Artisanal & Handmade Items, Paint & Construction, Automotive, Fragrance & Perfume, Floristry, Digital & Physical Art, Music & Entertainment, Nonprofits and more...

How Can I Help?

Marketing, Business Development, Sales Channels, Pricing & More

Available via phone, video, and email.


Business Planning

If you're currently in the ideation phase, planning your launch, or getting organized for the next phase in business... this is for you!


May Include:

  • Business Ideation

  • Business Model and Structures

  • Business Registration

  • Business Quarterly Planning

  • Business Competitor and Target Market Research


Branding & Marketing

Ready to make your mark in you industry? Let's talk about how to best showcasing your brand, products, and services!


May Include:

  • Brand Development/Audit

    • Name ideation, slogan, messaging, brand story​

  • Visual Identity​​ Development/Audit

    • Color Palette, Logo Design

  • Website Development/Audit

  • Digital Marketing Strategy


Systems & Operations

Already launched? Awesome! How about we talk about systems, workflows, and how to improve overall operations to take your business to the next level?


May Include:

  • Sales Channels

  • Pricing and Cash Flow Audit

  • Softwares and Business Systems

  • Project Management and Workflows

Blooming flower and laptop

Ready to transform your business and life? Let's work together and evolve your story. 

Didn't find what you're looking for? Let me know so that together let's craft a consulting experience that fits your needs.

What Clients Are Saying

Kind Messages from Even Kinder Clients

La experiencia que tuve con estas convocatorias fue un éxito para mí porque pude fortalecer aún más mis pensamientos y deseos para poder alcanzar una meta más ahora como emprendedor. Con la ayuda de él, que creyó en mí y fue muy paciente, pude lograr lo que siempre había soñado: ser una gran empresaria. ¡MUCHAS GRACIAS YASMÍN! Porque al principio no creía en mí ni en lo que podía lograr. Con cada llamada lograste convertir mi miedo en fuerza para lograr más éxito en mi vida. Muchas gracias por ayudarme a hacer realidad mis sueños.

Teresa Roman

Mi experiencia trabajando con yasmin fue excepcional. Su profundo conocimiento de marketing empresarial y contratación fue invaluable para mi negocio. No solo me ayudó a aclarar ideas y precios, sino que también mostró interés genuino en mi aprendizaje, explicando detalladamente cada paso del proceso. A pesar de algunos problemas de conexión ocasionales, su colaboración y dedicación fueron impresionantes. ¡Recomendaría a Yasmin sin dudarlo!

Carlos Mora

¡Buenos días Yasmín! Quiero agradecerle por la consulta comercial. Gracias por responder todas mis preguntas y por guiarme aún más en el crecimiento de mi negocio. Realmente aprecio que me hayas dado la sugerencia sobre cómo puedo hacerlo mi producto único para poder cautivar aún más a mis clientes. Gracias!

Angel Ramos

Professional Workshops

In search of a guest speaker for your organization?

Consider booking me for your next professional workshop.

Recent Partnerships Include:

Together, let's transform your business and
evolve your story.

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